Enter a Project Lead

Project Leads track unqualified sales opportunities in ProjectStream 365. Salespeople can perform and track qualification activities against the lead.  They can choose to Qualify or Disqualify that lead.  Upon qualification, the lead is converted to Account, Contact, and/or new Proposal records in ProjectStream 365.



  1. Navigate to Projects / Project Leads
  2. Click +New to create a new Lead or click an existing Lead name to edit

General Tab


  • Account:  Select an account to associate the Lead to an existing account.  Upon qualification to a proposal, this will map to the customer record on the Proposal
  • Deliver To Address:  Available if using an existing account record.  Select a Deliver to Address to automatically populate the project address for known customer address records.
  • Account Name:  If the lead is for a new Prospective Account, complete the Account Name and Address information.  Upon qualification to a proposal, the Prospect information will also be generated into a new Account record
  • Account Address:  Enter the Account Address information for new prospects


  • Contact:  Select an existing contact record to associate with the Lead.  Upon qualification the existing contact will be associated with the new proposal record.   
  • First Name:  Enter contact's first name (used if Lead is associated with a new potential contact record) 
  • Last Name:  Enter contact's last name 
  • Job Title:  Enter contact's job title 
  • Email:  Enter contact's email address 
  • Mobile Phone:  Enter contact's mobile phone number


Information from this Section will be copied to a new Proposal record upon qualification of the Project Lead.

  • Name:  Enter the Name of the potential Project
  • Address:  Enter the physical address of the Project
  • Project Class:  Select an existing Project Class.  
  • Bid Date:  Enter a project bid date
  • Start Date:  Enter the expected Start Date for the Project
  • Target Completion Date:  Enter the target completion date for the Project
  • Lead Source: Enter the lead source for the Project.  Lead Source values can be maintained in a separate table, can also add new Lead Source from the lookup control. 
  • Site: Enter the Site (location) for the Project.

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