Enter Project Fees

Project Fees allow for the creation of billable only line items.  There are 2 primary types of Fees:  Standard and Recurring.  Standard Fees are one time use and can be triggered by Schedule Date or Milestone Completion.  Recurring Fees allow for recurring billing functionality (e.g. monthly recurring subscription service).  



1.  From a Proposal Record navigate to  Project Fees
2.  Select an existing or enter a new Project Fee

  • Project:  Project for the related Fee.  Auto-populated
  • Fee Category:  Select a valid Fee Category.  
  • Fee Type:  Auto-populated based on the Fee Category
     -  Standard
     -  Recurring
  • Name:  Enter a name for the Fee
  • Billing Note:  Enter a billing note.  Billing notes are carried over to invoices when billing fees
  • Quantity:  Enter a quantity of the line
  • UoM:  Unit of Measure
  • Unit Amount:  Enter the per unit price
  • Fee Amount:  Calculated Fee Amount = Quantity * Unit Amount
  • Billing Cycle:  Select a Billing Cycle.  Billing Cycle is required for Recurring Fee Types
  • Schedule Date:  Select a Schedule Date (for Standard Fees only).  Standard Fee will bill if the scheduled date is on or before the cutoff date of the invoice.  
  • Milestone: Select A Project Milestone (Project Task).  Standard Fees will bill when the Project Milestone task has been completed.
  • Start Date:  Enter the start date of a recurring Fee  (Recurring invoices will not begin until this date)
  • End Date:  Enter the end date of a recurring Fee (Recurring invoice lines will stop being generated after this date)

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