Define Resource Rates

ProjectStream 365 allows for maintaining of Project specific labor and billing rates.  To maintain project rates go to the Rates tab on the Proposal



  1. From a Proposal go to the Rates Tab
  2. Edit Existing Rates or Add a New Rate

  • Resource Group:  Select a resource group for this rate
  • Default Cost Category:  Select a Timesheet based cost category to be used as default on new budget records for this rate.  
  • Profit Type:
        - Price/Rate:  Unit Price is based on Profit Amount field on the rate card. 
        - Markup %:  Unit Price = Unit Cost + (Unit Cost x Markup %)
        - Margin %:  Unit Price = Unit Cost / (1 - Margin%)
        - None:  Unit Price will be set to 0.
  • Profit Amount:  Enter the profit amount for Price/Rate based profit type.
  • Profit Percent:  Enter the profit percent for Markup or Margin based profit type.
  • OH Percent:  Overhead Percent used to calculate Overhead cost on a project budget.
  • Unit of Measure:  Default to hours. User can select valid unit of measure
  • Prevailing Wage:  ProjectStream 365 includes Prevailing wage functionality.  To indicate the rate as prevailing wage, select yes. 

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