Manage Customers Overview

ProjectStream provides customer relationship management to track accounts, contacts, leads and related activities to track opportunities. Account management provides the capability to manage your customer company information, and Contact management allows you to manage contact information for individuals.

Manage Accounts

The  Accounts entity records your customer or client company information. It will be required as an association for  Contacts and  Project Leads. The Account can either be created independently or can be created when the Project Lead is qualified. 

The Accounts entity records basic company information, addresses, contact and billing information. An Account may have a parent Account if it is a subsidiary or legal entity of another existing Account.

Manage Contacts

The  Contacts entity records an individual's information. It can be associated with  Accounts and  Project Leads. A Contact can be used for several different types of associations such as a primary contact person at an Account, or a bill-to contact on an Account, or a stakeholder on a Project Lead,  A Contact can either be created independently or can be created when an Account is created or a Project Lead is qualified.

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