Enter Purchase Transactions

Purchasing transactions encompass the full range of transactions that can be entered against a purchase order.  Purchase transactions include the following types of transactions:

  • Receipt:  Receiving against a PO line will update the project cost, and accrue the amount payable to the vendor.  
  • Invoice: Invoicing against a PO receipt, reduces the accrual and increase the amount payable to the vendor.  Invoices integrate directly to the back-office Accounts Payable system.
  • Receipt / Invoice:  Receipt / Invoice can handle both the receipt and invoice in one transaction.  It will update the project as well as directly increase the amount payable to the vendor.  Receipt / Invoices integrate to the back-office Accounts Payable system.
  • Return:  a Return will reverse the Receipt transaction.  
  • Return w/ Credit:  Return w/ Credit reverse Invoices and will integrate directly to the back-office Accounts Payable system as a credit memo. 
  • Video


    1. Open an existing purchase order
    2. Navigate to Line Items Tab
    3. Either click on a PO Line Item to open all the detail fields for the line or use the scroll bar in the line item grid to display the fields needed to enter the transaction:
  • Receipt:  Edit the Quantity to be Received 
  • Invoice:  Edit the Quantity to be Invoiced
  • Receipt / Invoice:  Edit the Quantity to be Received and the Quantity to be Invoiced
  • Return:  Enter a negative value in the Quantity to be Received
  • Return w Credit:  Enter negative value in the Quantity to be Received and/or the Quantity to be Invoiced.
  • Procedure (continued)

    4.  On the  General Tab Complete the Purchase Transaction Section
    5.  Click  Post

    • Purchase Transaction Type:  Enter the purchase transaction type
      • Receipt
      • Invoice
      • Receipt / Invoice
    • Posting Date: Enter the posting date
    • Vendor Doc Number:  Enter the vendors document number, (e.g. Packing Slip for a Receipt and Invoice Number for an Invoice or Receipt / Invoice)
    • Auto Post:  Selecting auto post = Yes, will automatically post the Purchase Transaction that gets generated.  Selecting No will leave the purchase transaction unposted.  Unposted purchase transaction can be edited, and would also be used when purchase invoice approval is required. 
    • Invoice Description:  Enter the Invoice Description
    • Payment Terms:  Accept the default vendor terms from the Vendor or user can override for the purchase transaction. 

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