Cancel or Close Purchase Order

A purchase order that is no longer needed can either be  Closed or Cancelled. Closing or cancelling a purchase order sets the PO into an inactive state. 


If required, an inactive purchase order can be reactivated by locating the purchase order in the inactive system view and Activated.

Close Purchase Order

Use Close to close a purchase order when it is completed or partially completed but considered finished receiving.


The Close operation on the purchase order is only available when the status is Partially Received or Received



  1. Open existing purchase order that is in a valid status for close
  2. Click Process / Close

Cancel Purchase Order

Use cancel to cancel a purchase order that needs cancellation and will not have any future receiving.


Cancel is only available when status is New, Revision, Submitted, Approved, Returned or Released


  1. Open an existing purchase order that is in a valid status for cancel
  2. Click Process / Cancel

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