Submit Purchase Order for Approval

The PO Approval feature is an optional feature that provides a process for a buyer who is managing a Purchase Order to trigger a Purchase Order approval before release, and also provides a more formalized release process with revision management.  It also adds more structure and control of the purchase order process status values that control the state of the purchase order.

The approver can be defined at the organization level and/or the project resource level. If the Project resource level approver exists, it will take precedent. The purchase order approver as well as the purchase transaction approver can be set at both levels.

The approver can either  Approve or Return the purchase order review. Either way, the purchase order control returns back to the buyer, who can then perform limited Lock Mode edits, a release or other operations.

Submit a Purchase Order for Approval



  1. Select the Approval command from the top menu bar
  2. Select Submit
  3. The Purchase Order will be submitted for approval and the status will be set to Submitted

Record Lock Mode After Approval

If a purchase order status is  Approved, the purchase order will be restricted in a  Lock Mode to prevent key field changes to the purchase order after  Approve but before release. If a purchase order is selected to be  Revised, the purchase order resets into edit mode and will require a new approval.

Edit Mode – default mode that allows full editing of the PO by any user (buyer) with sufficient rights.

Lock Mode – a new mode that allows limited editing of fields on the PO by any user (buyer) with sufficient rights. This allows for a submitted, approved or released PO to be modified without forcing a new revision, approval, release process. The following PO fields would be editable in lock mode:
  • Contact
  • Vendor Order Number
  • Required Date
  • Promise Date
  • Notes
  • Comments
  • All Ship To Address fields on Ship To Address tab
  • All Purchase Transaction Information fields

Line items for a purchase order will  not be editable in lock mode. Changes to a line item field or other locked purchase order fields will require the purchase order to be placed back into revision status before edits to locked fields can occur

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