Purchasing Planning and Control Overview

ProjectStream 365 includes comprehensive purchasing planning and purchase control capabilities.  Purchase Plans can be generated for one or more projects across one or more vendors.  The planning module automatically calculates suggested purchases based on demand from project budgets, and supply from committed PO's and inventory.  PO's can then be automatically generated.

The purchasing planning process also has optional approval processes that allow a project resource or company approver to review and officially approve a purchase order before release. The approver may also return the purchase order to the buyer for further edits if desired.

Release, revise, cancel and close operations are also provided. Revisions of a purchase order will automatically create a revision record and increment the revision number of the purchase order. It will also force another approval (if enabled) before release.

If a purchase order status is  Approved, the purchase order will be restricted in a Lock Mode that limits the fields that can be edited before Release. The restrictions prevent key purchase order fields from being edited after Approval.

There are two active states:

Edit Mode – default mode that allows full editing of the PO by any user (buyer) with sufficient rights.

Lock Mode – a mode that allows limited editing of fields on the PO by any user (buyer) with sufficient rights. This allows for a submitted, approved or released PO to be modified without forcing a new revision, approval, release process. The following PO fields would be  editable in lock mode:
  • Contact
  • Vendor Order Number
  • Required Date
  • Promise Date
  • Notes
  • Comments
  • All Ship To Address fields on Ship To Address tab
  • All Purchase Transaction Information fields


Line items for a purchase order will not be editable in lock mode. Changes to a line item field or other locked purchase order fields will require the purchase order to be placed back into revision status before edits to locked fields can occur.


Closing or cancelling the purchase order sets the purchase order into a view-only inactive state.

Purchasing Planning and Control Flow

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