Manage Project Actions Overview

Project actions are actionable and assignable tasks to help manage a project.  Project actions can be logged from any devices (web, tablet and phone).  

Project issues can also be recorded as project actions. Pictures of a project issue can be captured and attached to the Project Issue record.   A Project Issue can be assigned as an action to an internal resource for follow up and resolution.


  1. From a Project, select the Project Actions Tab and click + New Project Action
  2. Project Actions can also be created from Project Actions, located in the left navigation.
  3. Complete the Project Action Form

Action Detail

  • Name:  Enter the name of the project action.
  • Description:  Enter a multi line description of the project action
  • Action Type:  Select from a user definable list of Action types.
  • Priority:  Select a valid priority
    • Standard
    • Urgent
    • Critical
  • Due Date:  Enter a date that the project action is due to be completed / resolved. 
  • Project:  Will be auto-populated if entering from a project, or select a valid project if entering from system level.
  • Project Resource:  Will be auto-populated based on the user entering the project action.  This is to keep track of who created the action internally regardless of who resolves.  The owner will be the one to own the action.
  • Stakeholder:  Select from a valid external stakeholder.  Stakeholders are maintained on the project tab.
  • Owner:  Owner is the internal user that will resolve the project action.  It will default to the current user.  Can change the value to another valid user, or use the Assign function to change (see Assign a Project Action below). 

Note   Enter Notes and attach documents and pictures to the Project Issue.  Pictures captured from mobile devices will be attached here as well.  

Assign a Project Action


  1. From the Project Action record list, select one Action, then click Edit
  2. Click Assign
  3. Select a valid user to assign the project action

Resolve a Project Action


  1. Open and existing Project Action, enter text into the Resolution field
  2. Set the Status to Resolved

Manage Project Actions Across Project


  1. Navigate to Project Management/ Project Actions
  2. Enter new or edit existing Project Actions

Manage Project Actions on Mobile


See ProjectStream Mobile Documentation

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