Enter / Edit Project Change Order

ProjectStream allows project change orders to be created, estimated for cost, submitted and further processed within the business

Enter a Change Order


  1. From an existing Project, select the Change Orders Tab, then click + Add New Change Order
  2. Complete the Change Order header information

  • Name:  Enter the change order Name
  • Project Type: Auto-populates to Change Order
  • Parent Project: Auto-populates to the Project associated with the Change Order
  • CO Date: Enter the Change Order date
  • CO Status: Initial Status is 'New'. Valid status codes include:
    • New
    • Submitted
    • Approved
    • Rejected
  • CO Type: Select a valid Change Order type:  Valid CO Type values include:
    • Customer 
    • Internal
  • Customer CO Number:  Record and track the customer's change order number
  • CO Approved By: Select a valid contact record 
  • Track Changes To
    • Baseline and Forecast: On process, changes will be applied to both baseline and forecast amounts.
    • Forecast Only:  On process, changes will be applied to forecast amounts only
  • Salesperson:  Salesperson associated with the change order
  • Scope of Work:  Enter the scope of work for the change order

Estimate a Change Order


As a Change Order is jut another type of project in ProjectStream 364, estimating is the same process as Proposals.  See the following articles for estimating proposals:

Configure a Proposal

Configure Project Scopes

Enter / Edit Budgets

Submit a Change Order


  1. From an existing Change Order, click Reports, then Change Order to generate order estimate report
  2. Change the CO Status to Submitted

Process a Change Order


  1. From an existing Change Order, click Process then Process CO
  2. Select Approved to process the change Change Order to the project.  Change Order tasks and budgets will be appended to the existing Parent Project record.  The Change Order will be closed with an Approved Status
  3. Select Rejected to close the Change Order with a Rejected Status

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