Schedule Resources (Schedule Board)

Resource Scheduling consists of booking specific internal and/or external resources against planned project tasks.  This feature utilizes Microsoft’s Unified Scheduling engine for drag and drop / dispatch style scheduling.


  1. Navigate to the schedule board:  Resources / Resource Scheduling
  2. Select Display by Hours, Days, Weeks or Months

Schedule a Task


  1. Drag and available Project Task to an available Project Resource

Schedule a Crew

Microsoft's Unified Scheduling engine includes flexible crew scheduling functionality.  For more information on crew scheduling features please see the Microsoft Help

Filter Available Resources


  1. From the Filter & Map View, select one or more Roles
  2. Click the Search Button
  3. Can also Filter on additional attributes (eg Team)

View Resource Geo Location


  1. Select the Map View from the Filter & Map View
  2. Select a Project Resource
  3. Geo Location (Truck Icon) will be highlighted on the map

View Project (Requirement) Geo Location


  1. Select a Scheduling Requirement from the lower pane
  2. Geo Location will be highlighted on the map

Additional Universal Resource Scheduling Features

Project Scheduling in ProjectStream 365 is driven by Microsoft Universal Resource Scheduling engine.  For more information on the full capabilities,  Please reference Microsoft Help

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