Project Planning (Gantt)

Project Planning consists of utilizing an integrated Gantt Chart planning tool to layout project work breakdown structure and resource assignments.


  1. Click on an existing project
  2. Select Gantt Tab

Add a Project Task


  1. Right click on an existing Task and select Add Task
  2. Enter the Task Name
  3. Click Save

Schedule Task Duration


  1. Enter Task Duration OR
  2. Change Start and End Dates OR
  3. Click Drag End of Task in the Gantt Chart

Assign Project Resources to a Task


  1. From the Gantt Chart editable grid, click on the Resource field
  2. Select one or more Resources from the Resource list


When assigning resources the system automatically creates labor budgets for each project resource selected.  For more on entering budgets please see Enter/Edit Project Budgets

Create Task Dependencies


  1. Drag relationship between 2 tasks in the Gantt Chart OR
  2. Enter the ID of task in the Predecessor column

Indent and Outdent Project Tasks


  1. Right Click an Existing Task 
  2. Select Indent or Outdent

Expand and Collapse Parent Tasks


  1. To collapse all parent tasks, select Collapse, located at the top left of the Gantt Chart
  2. To collapse a single parent task, click the arrow next tot he task name
  3. To expand all parent tasks, select Expand, located at the top of the Gantt Chart
  4. To expand a single parent task, click the arrow next to the task name

Reschedule an Entire Project


  • From the top of the Gantt Chart, change the Project Start Date
  • All tasks will be automatically rescheduled according to dependencies

View Project Task Totals


  1. Slide the middle divider in the Gantt Chart to show the Totals.  The view shows Forecast and Actual Values
  2. Use scroll bar on the bottom of the window to adjust column display

Pop-Out the Gantt to Full Screen


  1. Click Pop Out from the top of the Gantt Chart
  2. Close full screen to return

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