Maintain Project Resources

Project Resources represent the resources utilized against project tasks, scheduling, expenses, etc. There are multiple types of Project Resources: Resource Groups, Users, and Equipment.  Resource and Equipment Groups are used for planning purposes whereas individual employees are setup as ‘User’ Resources and individual Equipment records are setup as ‘Equipment’ Resources.


  1. Navigate to Project Resources by selecting Resources / Project Resources
  2. Click New to add a new project resource or Edit an existing project resource

General Tab


  • ID:  Unique ID of the Project Resource, assigned by the system.
  • Resource Type:  Select a valid Resource Type
Resource Group:  Resource Groups provide a way to organize resources into defined Roles in the organization.  Typically, the resource group is used to estimate project and resource requirements.  When a project is executed the system can check availability of any individual resources that belong to that Resource Group.
User:  User resource are individual employees that are used against projects
Equipment Group:  Equipment Group is a planning group for equipment type resources
Equipment:  Equipment is the individual scheduled equipment.  Equipment usually belongs to one Equipment Group.
  • User:  Select the user if the Resource Type is ‘User’
  • Name:  Name of the Project Resource
  • Account:  Associates the Project Resource with an Account
  • Contact:  ‘User’ type resources can be associated with Contacts instead of actual system users.  Contact resources can be scheduled on the Resource Schedule board, but do not have direct access to the system. 
  • Department:  Select a valid Department For the Resource
  • Pay Type:  Select a valid pay type (Hourly or Salary)
  • Job Title:  Enter the Employee’s job Title
  • Employee Number:  Enter the Employee’s Employee Number (typically for integration to payroll solution).
  • Anniversary Date: Enter the hire date of the employee
  • Termination Date:  For a terminated employee can enter the termination date
  • Enable Geofence:  Set to Yes to enforce Geofence functionality for the Project Resource.  This setting works in conjunction with Site.
  • Site:  Site Location of this Project Resource.

Time and Expense Settings

  • Timesheet Approver:  Select the user / manager that will be the resource's timesheet approver.  This value is utilized in the Timesheet Workflow Process.
  • Expense Approver: Select the user / manager that will be this resource's expense approver.  This value is utilized in the Employee Expense Workflow Process.
  • Default Payment Method:  Enter the default payment method to be used on Employee Expense Reports
  • Credit Card:  Select the default credit card to be used on Expense Reports when payment method is Company Credit Card
  • Vendor:  Select the Vendor record associated with this resource. Used to post reimbursement AP record for personal payment methods on Expense Reports
  • Labor Rate:  Enter the current Labor Rate for the Employee.  This rate will be used on Timesheet Detail Records when the ProjectStream Setup / Timesheet Cost setting is set to ‘Resource’
  • Fringe Allowed:  Enter the Fringe Allowed amount.  This amount is used during Prevailing Wage rate calculations.  
  • Commuting Allowance:  Enter the commuting allowance.  Employees commuting time will only be logged to the timesheet detail 
  • Commuting Cost Category:  Enter the Cost Category used for the Commuting labor budget.  The system will find the first budget with this cost category to book the commuting time over the commuting allowance

Resource Planning

  • Hours per Day:  Enter the hours per day this resource is available.  Used in Resource Planning reports and dashboards
  • Days per Week:  Enter the days per week this resource is available.  Used in Resource Planning reports and dashboards
  • Days per Month:  Enter the days per month this resource is available.  Used in Resource Planning reports and dashboards

GL Accounts

Contra GL:  Enter the Timesheet Contra GL Account.  This account is the offset to the labor expense account from the labor cost category when posting timesheets. 

Resource Groups Tab

User can belong to one or more Resource Groups.  This information can be used for filtering in the resource scheduling process. 


  1. Click New to create a new Resource Group association
  2. Select a Resource Group

Accruals Tab

Procedure: Create an Accrual

  1. From the Project Resource record, select Accruals tab and click + Add New Accrual
  2. Complete the Accrual information

  • Year:  Enter the year of the accrual
  • Name:  Name of the accrual (e.g. PTO, Holiday, etc)
  • Project Resource:  Project Resource will auto populate from the current project resource record.
  • Project:  Select an Admin type project for tracking the accrual
  • Project Task: Select a valid Project Task
  • Budget Line:  Select a Budget line designated for the accrual tracking (e.g. PTO, Holiday, etc)
  • Accrual Hours:  Enter the budgeted accrual hours.  Actual hours will be tracked against the budgeted hours.
  • Actual Hours:  Actual hours will be updated automatically as tIme off requests are made by project resources against the budgeted accrual hours. 
  • Remaining Hours: Calculated as Accrual Hours (budgeted) - Actual Hours

Appointments Tab


The Appointments Tab will show all Appointments (Calendar events) for the related project resource.

Timesheets Tab

Note  The Timesheets Tab will show all Timesheet records for the related project resource.

Expense Reports Tab

Note   The Expense Reports Tab will show all Expense Reports for the related project resource.

Qualifications Tab

Note The Qualifications Tab is used to maintain several types of employee / HR data:

  • Education Records
  • Exams
  • Work Experience
  • Certifcations
  • Training

Maintain User Settings

There are some important User settings that need to be maintained for proper functionality in the system.  To get to the user settings, click on the User Link on the Project Resource record.

  • Project Resource:  Set the Project Resource to link the User to the Project Resource record
  • ProjectStream License:  Select the appropriate ProjectStream license
  • Appointment Access:  Select an appointment access value from the lookup list.

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