Create / Generate Project Submittals

Submittals are those shop drawings, product data, samples, and mock-ups to be delivered to the design professional (the architect or engineer) for review and action as required by the contract documents.  ProjectStream 365 allows for the tracking of Submittal records against a project.



  1. From an existing Project, select the Submittals Tab
  2. Click + Add New Submittal
  3. Complete the Submittal record

  • Project:  Auto-populated from the originating project
  • Project Scope:  Select a Project Scope for the given Project
  • Requirement:  Select a valid Requirement from the drop down list (e.g.  Shop Drawings)
  • Required Date:  Select the date the submittal is required
  • Status:  Submittal status is tracked through the life cycle of the submittal record
-  Pending
-  Created
-  Submitted
-  Rejected
-  Approved
-  Canceled
  • Order from Vendor:  Select a valid vendor if required to be ordered from a vendor.  
  • Submittal Markups:  Notes regarding submittal markup information


Drawing files can also be attached to the submittal record, stored in Dynamics 365 or SharePoint

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