View Mobile Appointments

ProjectStream 365 Mobile allows field users to view Appointments that they have been scheduled for. 


  1. Open the Dynamics 365 for Phones App on Android or iOS device
  2. From the ProjectStream 365 Mobile Field App, Click the Home button or select Menu / Appointments
  3. Click DayWeek or Month View
  4. Click on an appointment to view the appointment details
  • The Dynamics 365 for Phones App is available from Google Play for Android phones and from the Apple Store for iOS.  The phone apps include special features like GPS logging, integration with the phone camera and phone, as well as easy data entry features.  
  • There is also a Tablet App available for both Android and iOS.  The tablet app exposes more information on one screen, but still has the integrated mobile features of the phone app.

ProjectStream 365 Mobile

Schedule Board and Mobile

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