Maintain Project Billing Cycles

Project Billing Cycles allow for both batch and recurring project billing functionality.  Once established a billing cycle record can be associated to one or more Projects or Service Agreements.



  1. Navigate to Billing \  Billing Cycles
  2. Edit an existing record or click New to create a new Billing Cycle
  3. Complete the Billing Cycle setup information. 

Cycle Information

  • Billing Cycle ID: A name or ID to identify the Billing Cycle record
  • Description: A description of the Billing Cycle record
  • Frequency Unit:  Select the billing frequency for this billing cycle:
    • Weeks
    • Months
  • Cycle Owner:  Owner of the billing cycle.  Helpful if billing work load is split among multiple billing personnel. 

Invoice Process Information

  • Invoice Date:  Set the next invoice date for this cyle
  • Cutoff Date:  Set the next cutoff date for this cycle.  Cut off date is relevant for time and material billing
  • Last Billing Date:  Last billing date of the cycle (read-only).
  • Last Cutoff Date:  Last cutoff date of the cycle (read-only).

Agreements Tab

This tab will show all Service Agreements associated with this Billing Cycle

Project Tab

This tab will show all Projects associated with this Billing Cycle

Invoices Tab

This tab will show all Active Invoices associated with this Billing Cycle when generated a Billing Cycle Batch.  These are the invoices that get generated.

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