Return Inventory from Projects

If a user mistakenly issues inventory to a project, the transaction can be reversed.  Reversing an issue transaction involves entering a negative quantity issue transaction:



  1. Navigate to Inventory / Inventory Trx
  2. Click + New
  3. Complete the Inventory Transaction Form
    1. Transaction Type:  Accept default value "Issue"
    2. Project: Select the Project to issue the inventory against. 
    3. Task:  Select the Project task to issue the inventory against
    4. Budget: Select the budget to to issue the inventory against
    5. Product:  Select a product (note: could also scan a bar-code of the product number to perform the search for this step)
    6. From Location:  Select the location to issue the inventory from (e.g. Warehouse)
    7. Quantity:  Select the quantity to issue  Quantity is negative for a Return type transaction
    8. Click Save and Close

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