Review and Approve Timesheets

After Timesheets are submitted, timesheet approvers can review and approve project timesheets.



  1. Navigate to the Resources / Timesheets / My Timesheet Approvals view
  2. Optionally can recalculate rates and/or overtime amounts.  For more information see Calculate Overtime and Rates
  3. If Returning (rejecting) the timesheet, enter Notes in the Return Notes so the user knows why the timesheet is being returned.
  4. Click Approval / Approve to approve the timesheet or Approval / Return to return the timesheet to project resource. 

  • Status:  The status of the Timesheet record.
  • New:  Initial status of the timesheet. It represents a timesheet that is in progress and being edited by its owner.
  • Submitted:  Optional Status. A user can submit a timesheet for approval.  ProjectStream includes an out of box workflow that supports a basic Timesheet approval process.  This workflow can be modified using standard Microsoft CRM workflow tool.  The workflow sends automatic notifications and updates the owner to the Timesheet Approver maintained on the Project Resource record.
  • Approved:  Represents a submitted Timesheet that has been approved by the Timesheet Approver.  The workflow sends notification to the owner that time has been approved, and the Timesheet is ready for posting.
  • Returned:  Represents a submitted timesheet that has been returned by the Timesheet Approver.  The workflow sends a notification to the Project Resource that the time has been rejected, and includes notes from the Approver.  It also re-assigns the timesheet back to the Project Resource and it is available in their My Open Timesheets view.
  • Posted:  Represents the status of a successfully posted Timesheet.

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